Monday, 29 September 2014

The Secret of Happiness

I bet i got you with that title.  The link below takes you to a post by Adele Horin, who for 18 years was a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald, known for her insightful articles on social issues.  Is there any social issue more important than the subject of happiness?  

The post introduces The Grant study taken over 75 years of men from Harvard University, tracking their levels of happiness throughout their lives well into their 90's.  There are some very interesting findings that in my opinion apply equally to women.  The study was was the life work of Dr Grant Vaillant who will be speaking in Melbourne on Nov 7 and 8 at the Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.

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His final conclusion?

Happiness is Love and the secret to happiness is being able to form warm and lasting relationships.

Success in life was measured by having a good relationship with your children, a stable marriage, support other than a wife and career success.  Note that i did not mention money!!!!

The ability to have love and success was dependent on the ability to meet life's needs or demands in a mature way that promotes personal growth.   Why?  Because life is ever changing and therefore our needs change.  

After studying men for 75 years you just know that he would truly have some insight in the sex lives of men. His findings are that men who are politically liberal will continue to enjoy a healthy sex life into their 80's.  I'd love to say something about our current leaders but I'm really holding myself back, and its killing me.

How to be happy in Old Age      This is the title of the post but it relates to all of us throughout our lives. Adele's blog (Coming of Age) is focused on issues relating to getting older.  Its truly insightful and full of resources for those that are aged but also those who care for them.   I recommend this blog.

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  1. I will have to check that link out as I am not 21 anymore. What were you going to say about the pollies, Lynda? ��

    1. Plenty but the thought of putting Tony Abbot and the word Sex in the same sentence is repulsive. Mind you, im sure he would say the same thing. Nevermind, like i said, better left alone in case i offend someone who is politically conservative.


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