Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stig Has Come To Stay

If I have to tell you who Stig is then you have been living under a rock for more than a decade.  Stig and his compatriots Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are all members of the Top Gear team that has wormed there way into the hearts of all males (and quite a few females) throughout the world since 2002.  I cannot count the number of shows i have watched on either TV or DVD as my son's sidekick.  We have laughed and been shocked by their wacky antics and amusing reviews on all things related to motor vehicles placing them firmly in our's and seemingly every other countries top rating show. It has spawned copy cat Top Gear shows in many countries such as the US and Australia and their merchandise covers everything from clothing, manchester, toiletries, toys, auto accessories and well just about everything.

BBC - Top Gear

So who is Stig?   No one knows.  Previous Stigs have been unmasked and there have been several staged unmaskings on the show that were phony but the current Stig is unknown.  He is obviously a seriously good test driver and most people assume he is a well known racing driver but he is always suited up and helmeted and it is one of the worlds best kept secrets.  He is the mascot for Top Gear and you will find his image on all the merchandise.   Which leads me to him actually coming to stay at our house.   A recent promotion at most garages saw a massive life size cardboard cut out of Stig surrounded by promotional material for a competition.  A marketing tool involving swap cards that cleared the shelves daily.

I first saw our Stig about a month ago and had it in mind that it would be a really cool fixture in Tom's new room.  I had visions of him being propped up in one of the corners.  Am i not the coolest Mum ever?

Every time I filled up i asked  the staff about him and each time i was told to come back when the promotion was finished, so i kept coming.  Finally, it has ended and for the price of a donation into their collection box for the Royal Children's Hospital, and the promise that i will stop pestering them,  he is mine or should i say Tom's.

You know my mantra - IF YOU DON"T ASK YOU DON'T GET!!!!!

I would say from the picture above that Tom looks pretty pleased with my surprise gift.   He's going to live in the front room until Tom's room is finished.  The dividing wall between the two bedrooms is coming down this weekend.  So i propped Stig up in front of a window out of the way.  He has a sturdy frame behind him that allows him to stand independently.   Little did I know that when the room is dark and outside light (first thing in the morning) that i would have the gigantic silhouetted man in my room.  I have literally jumped out of my skin several times coming into the room forgetting he was there.

We've been mucking around and saying "Good Morning Stig" or "See Ya Later Stig".  He has taken on a persona of his own and joined our family crew.

I told you that you have to take the helmet off to brush your teeth.    Somehow I don't think he is listening to me.  

Tilly has freaked out so many times and barked her head off. So Funny.    Hey, did you realise that Tilly has no head and I've got no skin?  LOL

Well that's one way to have a shower.  
If you are not a fan of Top Gear and there are those that are seriously opposed to Jeremy Clarkson's rather pompous, chauvinistic, and racists views then you should really check out the spin off shows by the other two.

Richard Hammond's - Miracles of Nature   (Science & Nature)
Richard Hammond;s - Engineering Connections  (National Geographic)

James May's - Man Lab  - Teaching Men (and women) lost skills from previous generations

Tom loves these shows and has learnt more from these than he ever has from a science class.  The same goes for Mythbusters.  Take some science and add a little craziness (read blow stuff up) and you have kids paying attention to science and seeing practical applications.

"Good Night Stig"

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  1. Too funny, at least he won't eat much and won't create an mess or dirty washing.

  2. You are right, the perfect man. He wont even take all the doona when he turns over because he wont. If i can get over seeing him standing there, ill be right. Cant wait till he's tucked away in a corner of Tom's room.

  3. I hope Stig had a good night's sleep seeing as he was tucked in so nicely! That was a funny read, Lynda!

    1. Yeah is was a funny night. Hubby thought i was nuts.


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