Saturday, 25 October 2014

Age is no barrier to Dance - Go Paddy

I still haven't worked out how to insert a YouTube in a post but was so inspired by this "older" lady, Paddy Jones. Goodness, does she has a zest for life and great pins.  This really made my Saturday night.

Audition on BGT 2014  Dancing 80 year old lady   -  Golden Buzzer, straight to live shows

Semi Final Round 5  - She Bangs!!!!!!

BGT - Paddy & Nico - Live Final 2014

Paddy took dancing up in Spain after her husband died.  She joined Nico's dance school.   He truly is such a gentleman.

Thanks for Living In The Land Of Oz


  1. I saw Paddy on that show when flicking channels one night. I couldn't believe that she was so nimble at her age. She is quite inspirational but not enough to make me take up dance lessons :-)

    1. Oh Common... give it a go. LOL Only joking but it would have been fun.


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