Thursday, 2 October 2014

What is This?

Fran from The Road To Serendipity  has asked the question "What is this?  Her husband Steve has put it on his photography site as a competition.   I've enhanced it to try and work it out, but i cant.  Can you?

This is the original photo from the site.

It looks like some kind of filter.  Light passes through and it looks like dust or dirt around the edges.  Originally i thought it was old photographic film but it seems attached to the solid bit underneath.

Up to you.   I promise i wont take credit but its driving me crazy not knowing.

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  1. I reckon it's the double walled plastic used for signs and greenhouse walls and sometimes insulation

    1. I will pass on your suggestion. On facebook someone suggested the filter on a split system.

  2. Grouted or silicone edged small tiles, 'layed' in the gap between a mirror and a bench... in bathroom maybe.


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