Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Crazy Weeks

I'm well aware that the first few lines of a post get printed beside the opening picture on a Blogger reading list and based on that brief extract some may decide whether or not to open the post.  Surely its not another post of Lynda showing pictures of her lettuce and herb bed.  Its so absolutely gorgeous why wouldn't i do a whole feature article?  Well you would be wrong.  This is a mixed up post of all that has happened in the last few weeks around here apart from all the drama surrounding Rob's injury, recovery and then poor Rob's Dad passing (meant respectfully, of course).  If there is one thing that Aspie's don't handle well its change in routine and intense emotional crises. So here's hoping that we can all get back to our normal boring routine life, for a while anyway.

I've got to show you one of the guy's from work.  He's Irish and since we have more than one Paul on the premises, we call him Irish Paul. It took a brains trust to come up with that name.  If IP's accent doesn't make you burst into laughter (honest, he funny just giving a lunch order) then get him to tell you a story (he's full of them (it) as are most Irish).   He came into my office the other day wearing one of his favourite T-Shirts. I almost spat my coffee out.

and this was after a hair cut - see any resemblance?
Speaking of work colleagues, remember i introduced Olivia on 7th July, well look at this beautiful girl now.

 Click on this one to enlarge - her face is so full of joy and happiness.
Olivia's  Polish/Aussie Daddy, Janusz, still thinks he's going to be in control, but i see great things in her future that involve having Daddy wrapped around her little finger.  Its going to be so fun watching!

Which is a great segueway to another cutie.

This is Charlie, a Papillon about 18 mth old.    
Charlie is so soft and weighs only about 3.5kgs. We had a black and white Papillon when we were first married and when Tom arrived we made the decision to give it to Rob's brother, Trev's, family.  (Crazy grammar people) Gizzy was a lovely family dog and so when he passed they searched for another.  I know that Charlie spends a lot of time upstairs with Grandma and he is great company.

The obligatory Tilly pictures, just so she doesn't get jealous.

Tilly, stalking a fly.   We leave the french doors open to the pergola most of the time and the house fills with flys (I'm not fussed).  Summer is going to drive Tilly nuts.   The short of it is that the fly lived to be hunted again on another window, and another, and another......

This is Tilly asleep.  We have to do a search and rescue before we sit or lay down on the bed these days.
OK, if you can stand it, just one more cute photo.  This is Maison and Chelsea.  I shouted them a ticket to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, during the school holidays and they had this photo taken for me along with a jar of real humbugs.  I love love love these children.

I have an announcement!   The Great Wall of Tom's bedroom has finally come down!  It took a little while because it is a supporting wall and Rob had to put in a beam above and then side supports.  We are opening up two bedrooms to give Tom more living space.

Mr Safety

See how this bottom picture is grainy.  This is not a cute picture.  I walked in from the corridor and he was barely visible with plaster dust.   Open door to the whole house and there was dust all the way to the front door.  Tom's room (bedding, xbox, discs, drawers, his clothes (open wardrobe as usual) were covered in it. The room next door had the ironing all hanging up right in front of the door so you can imagine what it looked like.  The filter in the air con in this next room is complete chocked.   MEN!!!  I'm still cleaning.  Of course it was my fault for not being there to help (had to be)  so i grabbed the vacuum cleaner and placed it near the blade. Guess what?  No Dust.    What can i say, he's a genius at work and cant be distracted.  So singularly focused on the task at hand.

Now he finds the vacuum cleaner. 
The next job is to fix the plaster in the opening and continue the bamboo floors across and into the second room. It will look great when its finished and of course in one of the corners of this room will be the lifesize Stig.

OK its garden time.

My tomato seedlings need a few more weeks but hey, i dont have to wait.  Look what is coming up among the dead Kikuyu grass.  They are everywhere.  Do you remember that a certain Tilly liked to eat my tomatoes last year.  Well she left them all over the yard and so here they come.

Now that's what i call a survivor.  
A few larger ones were in amongst some stinging nettles. When i was spraying the nettles i realised that with them were almost 20cm high tomato plants. I rushed them inside for a good wash and planted them.  A week later they are going strong.  You have to be tough to make it in my garden.

I have a small crop of about 6 cauliflowers on the go.  Im not sure if they will make it if the temp stays up by hey, its winter again today.
Peppers, just starting to change colour

Very productive wormies, just not as big as Jessie's monsters.  I dont have a bath full of horse poo rotting away and my neighbours thank me.  
and just because it beautiful, my lobelia in the french prov. pot Rob gave me for valentines this year.  

Have you noticed that ive started using his name.  Rob instead of Hubby.  I've slipped up so many times that i don't think its a state secret any more.  Since he reads my posts (Gulp! was i putting it on him above) i'm not hiding anything.  Just don't tell ASIO when they knock on your door, OK!

Here is a tidbit to keep you until next post.  The moratorium on projects has been lifted and i have these freebies from work in the fernery waiting for magic to happen.

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  1. Wow, there is a lot happening at your place, Lynda. I am quite exhausted after all that as I am sure you are as well after writing it. LOL! I hope you get back to normal soon. I would love to knock down a wall too like you are doing.

  2. The knocking down is the fun part. Its making sure the roof stays up and the cleanup that is the hard part.

  3. Wow! You guys are busy busy! Im trying to get caught up to blog soon.

  4. OMG Shelby, i think i've just fallen off my chair. Welcome Back. Its not the same on facebook. I have to share you with too many and the short messages are distracting for a simple girl like me. I like the WHOLE story in one go.


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