Saturday, 18 October 2014

Wind Turbines for the Burbs are Here

Its here people, the technology needed to have a wind turbine on your roof generating renewable energy is here.  I think we have all seen and heard the controversy related to wind farms.  I don't know about you but i think they are beautiful but then im not living under one.  I know that ole Gav (hang on, i think I'm a few months older than him) from Greening of Gavin actually takes the odd trip out in his hybrid for a family picnic overlooking the wind farm at Warbra.

But no one imagines that we are going to be able to put one of those big buggers in among the burbs.  I went to the Grand Designs Live Expo today in Melbourne CBD and there in front of me were 3 household turbines, spinning away and not a single sound was heard.   Now the neighbours cannot complain about that can they.  

The good thing is that it can be used in conjunction with solar to create a hybrid system that utilises up to 83% of weather resources.  It works both day and night, all year round.  There is an inbuilt lightening arrester for safety and it requires no ongoing maintenance or fuel.  So much like your solar systems, the capital outlay initially is soon recovered (approx 5 years)   There were 3 models on display and they ranged from $8,000 to $12,000.

Honestly, no sound!.    The ones i am showing are Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and they can and are being used now in a number of applications around the world, including Australia.

Household Power Systems
Ships Power Source
Traffic Signals
Agriculture and Fisheries
Rural Area Power Systems
Street Lighting.

Of course there is no use generating all this renewable energy if it cant be stored and used.

Deep cycle gel batteries are available that are designed for deep cycle discharge applications such as off-grid wind solar hybrid telecom station system, off-gird wind solar hybrid street lighting system. The battery bank specifications can be customised to what ever your needs are. Normally they are either 24V, 48V or 96V.

Deep Cycle Gel Batteries Range:
12V100Ah and 12V200Ah---used for off-grid Maglev wind solar hybrid street lighting systems or others;
2V500Ah, 2V600Ah, 2V800Ah---used for off-grid Maglev wind solar hybrid telecom station system or others.

Having spoken recently to a solar power company the next big push in renewable energy is going to be in the area of battery storage. Just like the first computers, at the moment they are too big, too expensive and not efficient enough to store an adequate amount of power. But, things are on the move and there are alot of people working on first creating the demand that will bring the prices down making them more affordable. Just as we all carry around PC's in our pockets now, so will this form of energy storage become smaller and more efficient.

This was a home battery storage system that i saw at another expo in Ballarat in April 13. Its call My Own Powerstation and you can see more about it here.
OK, so where do you get these wind systems from and where can you go to ask lots of techy questions.

Apple Energy is the exclusive distributor of the Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(MVAWT) from TYPMAR and related applications such as MagLev wind-solar hybrid off-grid street lights, and MagLev wind-solar hybrid on-grid / off-grid home power systems. I have no affiliation with them what so ever but if they want to send me one for helping to promote them, i wont say no.

Living in what is known as the Werribee Flats we get some pretty powerful winds coming through here. Perhaps its something for those who have already paid off their solar systems to consider. Seems to me its the next logical step toward being self sustainable.


I spoke to Max Clements from Apple Energy about the colours and this was his response:

HI Lynda

there is no significance  we were told that it was to keep the birds away  but the birds in fact like to sit under the turbines as they are turning.  We are receiving the new stock with neutral colours as silver anodized or blue and white if you  support geelong.
I think the silver would be fine but i think id like a plain charcoal finish.

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  1. That is interesting reading, Lynda. I didn't know you could get them for your roof.

  2. Me neither but i think they are going to have to work on the colours. Whats with the gaudy red and blue. Is it necessary. Id love one but cant it just be plain.

  3. Lynda, I have been catching up on all your news. So sorry to hear about Rob's Dad. Hope he is coping OK. Your garden is looking gorgeous, as always, and am looking forward to your next gardening project!
    I like the little whirly roof birds - but I do agree with you - there is nothing wrong with basic, classic black, is there? Maybe it is to warn birds though?

  4. I spoke to Apple and I've placed their answer regarding colours at the bottom of the post.


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