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From Miss M to Mrs - A Wedding

You know you are getting old when the children start getting married.   The Marvellous Miss M is not my daughter, though she will tell others I'm her second Mum and i think of her as the daughter i didn't have. Her Mum is my bestie and I've known the children since they shared creche with my son, aged 2.  B Boy, is my son's best friend. Given that i am isolated geographically from my Mum and siblings, their family has become my own and we move freely from house to house.   At times i play the role of the naughty aunt that gets told all the juicy bits and all the things parents don't hear about.  Its an honoured place that i treasure.   I'm able to dish out advice and discuss the subjects that parent couldn't possibly know anything about (even though I'm one myself).  

Anyway, on Saturday I was an honoured guest at the marriage of Miss M to her beloved, Nick.  Yes, she is young, but they are in love and with the blessing of family and friends this love is now recognised officially and they can start their life together.  Not everyone gets to have it so good. 

My honorary daughter - Marvellous Miss M

A beautiful Dress

Pre Wedding in Back Yard

It was a small affair as the registry only allowed 8 guests (like i said, i was honoured) and it was a beautiful ceremony.  It was held in the City of Melbourne in a historic building known as The Old Treasury Building (built 1862).   Its now a museum but houses the Registry also. 

We were shown to a separate room which was decorated in line with the age of the building with seating and a desk for signing. A lovely lady celebrant performed the service and we we were given plenty of time and privacy afterwards for celebratory hugs, tears, photos, tears, hugs (did i say tears, Bestie!!!).

The Ceremony

The Happy Family

Grandma's Blessing
Later we crossed the road for more photos in front of one of the many city fountains with the historic Windsor Hotel in the background.    I had volunteered my car as a wedding car and so it had been polished to a midnight black sparkle (thanks hubby) with a white ribbon across the bonnet.  I got to escort first the bride and her father there and then return home with the bride and groom, lucky me.

The reception was a small affair with just us at home.  The table had been decorated with sparkling glassware and cutlery on white tablecloths, arrangements of flowers and bright pink napkins.  There were tearful speeches from Mum, Dad and Grandma and lots of yummy food.  Best of all there was plenty of love and support in the room for the newly wedded couple.   I could say that poor Nick is from overseas and that he had no family present but he has already been welcomed into the family home and so he did have his new family with him.  

A Continental Cake

Kudos go the my Bestie and her husband for giving their daughter their love and support no matter what.  They even gave them a couple of nights away as a honeymoon in Aireys Inlet on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.  Nick went swimming in the ocean for the first time and loved the location.   Did i say he was from Persia. 

Aireys Inlet, Victoria
Wishing you both years of happiness together, much love, Lynda. XXX

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous bride (and handsome groom)...I love her dress :-) Congrats to them (and the rest of the family)!!!!


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