Thursday, 7 February 2013

Many Thanks from the Technologically Challenged


  "Technologically Challenged" would definitely describe me.   I am not someone who actually enjoys the set up of software or hardware, or learning how to use a new TV or console in any shape or form.   I have two very clever men at home to do that and i know it sounds awful but I'd much rather pull out the "female card" and say i don't know how to do it.   Of course I could learn. I administer several companies don't I.  Truth is, I don't want to.    I've been working on computers since I was 17 (30+yrs ago) back when they were the size of a bedroom and needed special climate control.  My husband's special interest as an Aspie is electronics and technology and i am surrounded by it day and night so i just shut down.  Apart from that, I'm a fairly independent person,  perhaps more so than they would like, so this gives them a platform to shine and for me to stand back and play dumb.  You do know that they will read this and the game will be up.  Gulp!

When it came to setting up this blog i made my way using the simple template but got a bit lost adding all the gadgets and setting up banners and pages.  Thanks for the advice given from followers but I seemed to hit a wall and couldn't make my way past it.  Well what's a girl to do but ask for help.

This came in the form of good friends down Lara way.  They run a  a web design & hosting company  and for the price of a few strongbow ciders the blog got a makeover.   I love the banner and i am proud to say  it is a photo from my new veggie patch.  I cant wait until those chillies go red.  Of course, we were mucking around and eating yummy baked custard (eggs from their girls).  The result is in no way indicative of the level of his expertise as he works for some majors but it was what i wanted and what we managed in between mouthfuls before having to race home. 
So in thanks I'm putting his web page here  Thanks Rob.


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    1. Thank you. Over the weekend i'll do another on the garden so you can see how it turned out.

  2. Happy to help :) I might get you to post a comment on my TrueLocal profile someday :)


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