Monday, 4 February 2013

Who is that curvaceous Lady in Blue?

Bathing Beauties in Lorne, Victoria, Australia
As you can see, my profile picture is not one of me.  Its a statue on the side walk at Lorne, a very popular tourist place on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria Australia.  I chose one of these ladies as a profile picture because there are very few photos of me and certainly none that i would want to broadcast to the world.
I could have used either as they both have a couple of features that resemble my own - big boobs and a big big butt.  To say I'm curvaceous is an understatement.  When most little girls were still trying to roll their bobby socks down just right, i was trying on training bras.   I'd like to think that my figure is very Rubenesque and that I'm living in the wrong century and the wrong country.  I hear there are places in the world where being a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) is considered desirable and sign of wealth. Well you would have to be to afford enough food to produce the curves - wouldn't you?  Where is that place?

I hope you realise I'm laughing at myself.  None of this should be taken seriously.

For your information (for those abroad)

Lorne is about 1 1/2 hours drive away from my home outside Melbourne and is stunningly beautiful and definitely worth a drive on the weekend.  

Though picturesque it has become over crowded in summer and very over priced.  I prefer to go in winter when it is quieter and there is less traffic - Why?  The Road - that would be the Great Ocean Road and for anyone who enjoys driving as much as i do, it has been voted one of the best drives in the world.  Of course you have to time it right so you don't end up being interrupted by slow moving buzz boxes usually in the shape of camper vans full of backpackers or those out for their Sunday drive site seeing.   No, this is serious driving people, for those of us who in another life time must have been a performance racing driver.    

I'm not talking fast so much as the tightness of the curves, the ascents and descents and the flow of the drive.  Gosh, i can hear all the gasp of shock and horror from my readers from here.  Sorry - sometimes you have just got to let loose and have some fun - safely of course.  I dont drink, smoke or do drugs so coffee and driving are my vices, oh and cake (those curves came from somewhere.  Being from a farm, i was driving by the time i was 9 and from then on anything with wheels was fair game.   I'm about to apologise again and i don't know why.  I'm sorry but i love my car - Ford Fairmont Ghia 5.4L V8 - Big Black & Shiny.  Oh my, its beautiful to drive.  Open up the roof and pump up the tunes and just let me go, anywhere.  


Its 10 years old so don't go thinking I'm flash or anything.  My husband has his own so this one is ALL mine.

Thanks for visiting Living in the Land of Oz.

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