Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Veggie Patch - A Sea of Green

This busy ant is tending my celery
I came home tonight and found that my husband had mowed the backyard and done the edges, so i couldn't help but take some pics of the veggie patch.   Its was about 8pm.  Everything is so green and looking so healthy. 

There is certainly an abundance of edibles and i think I'm going to be looking for some celery recipes shortly.  Time to wrap them in black plastic to blanch the stems to keep them white and sweet.  Don't think i know what i am doing, i just read about it.

The green green grass of home - i cant bring myself to kill it but its sucking the moisture from my beds.

I know i can grow spinach well but nobody wants to eat it except the bugs - it looks pretty though. 

Chard hiding in among the zucchini plant. 
This zucchini plant was a freebie from Bunnings and it just keeps on giving.  I'm grateful for the free meals I've had off this plant but it doesn't come close to what Ive put into Bunning's coffers.  I need shares. 

Lots of tomato bushes still growing

Lots just waiting to ripen

I know its late but my corn is still young - thanks Ella for seeds

My next crop of iceberg lettuces - hoping the birds scare the bugs away!

What am i going to do with all these chillies?

Capsicums just starting to come through - note the asylum border in front (companion plant)

Can you see ladies from Shoestring - i did listen during the permaculture course about companion planting to deter bugs.  Ive got it all going on but there are always those that are resistant.  I'm loving Eco-oil which Gavin from Greening of Gavin put me onto. 

OK, i can tell you are getting bored now and I'm only amusing myself, so I'll finish up by saying that my veggie patch is giving me lots of pleasure - especially now that the hard work is done.   I cant say that I'm really using it to its best advantage, it probably a little too ornamental but it is so lovely.   I think i need to start preserving some of the herbs as they are all going to seed and on that score, maybe collecting a few of those seeds for next season. 

Oh, to thank hubby for his work and for letting me grab a nap (a bit longer than i intended) when i walked in the door, he gets a bowl of pasta with homemade sauce (better late than never - 9pm).  I have about 4L of bolonaise meat sauce cooked for 6 hrs in a slow cooker and then placed in plastic tubs in the freezer.  Within 10 minutes i can have a fresh homemade meal on the table - who needs take away. 

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  1. Your garden is great Lynda, what a wonderful husband you have that mows the lawn and gets dinner for you. That pasta dish looks fantastic.

    I don't remember giving you corn seed, oh well glad its growing.

    It's so much fun collecting seed, it's such an addiction with me. Today I started cutting the heads off my sunflowers, I'm going to have hundreds of seeds. Every time I have a tomato I'm scraping the seeds out so I can have it for next spring - well it's free food. Love it.

    When you have chickens they will love your spinach. You can steam the spinach and then freeze it, you could do it in ice cubes.

    Love your garden, it's beautiful.
    Happy gardening.

    1. Hubby cook??? Read again Ella, I made it to thank him, not that i dont cook everynight. I married a man who could cook for himself but i ruined it by taking over the kitchen trying to be the perfect Stepford wife (Doh!). Now he's a bit like me and technology, he'd rather say he doesnt know how and pull out the dumb card than get in there and do it. Stupid Me!

  2. Wow I wish my garden looked like that. I am just planting out again after the heat of summer. You should use your silverbeet in a self crusting quiche. I uses up heaps of it and its really tasty. There is a recipe on my blog if you need one.

    1. Fiona, i already have some frozen for that very use. For some reason when i suggest a quiche my hubby says he doesnt like them but when i do he says, that was great?? Last night he said he didnt like spinach but he also said he's never had any. Im avoiding cooking him up a big bunch and just plopping on a plate. I think im going to have to hide it. Maybe a cream of spinach and potato soup.

  3. Lovely pics, Lynda. We are growing the same type of capsicum.

    My hubby won't go near anything called a quiche, however if I call it a pie..well that's a whole different story!

  4. Wow - your garden looks REALLY healthy :) You could make sweet chilli cause with your capsicums...

    My kids hate quiche (like christine), but if I call it Egg and Cheese Pie they gobble it up, too!


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