Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Weekend Garden Cleanup

Will someone tell my garden that its April.   Those tomatoes just keep coming. Today I've picked the last of the cucumbers and not because they stopped growing.  With a four day weekend its a great time to clean up the summer garden and start preparing for winter crops.  I just had to call it quits.  It feels like a sin to pull out plants that are producing good food.

I've left a few of the tomato plants in as they are full of green fruit.  If they don't ripen then ill just make green tomato pickles with them.

Several beds have now been cleared and in doing so I've ended up with a massive pile of vines.  My poor compost bin is stuffed to the gunnels.  Those pumpkin vines sure are spiky to handle with bare hands.  

Two of my pumpkins came off the vines while i was picking them up from the ground and arranging them over the edges of the bed.  I've waxed the ends of the stem to stop any rot and ill sit them in a warm sunny spot to hopefully ripen further.

Tilly escaped under the fence again today and as such we had to go into the neighbours yard behind us. Look what we found hanging over our shared fence.  Its enormous!   You would think that it would be dry and woody but i took this photo seconds after cutting it.  That's a lot of Tromboncino to make into pickles.  I treat it just like a zucchini.  We lined the bottom of the fence with gravel so she wont dig a hole.  I don't know where she thinks she's going but if she tries she's going to end up with sore paws.

Tom and i are going driving in his little RAV4 tomorrow morning on The Great Ocean Road.  He starts professional lessons for his last 10 hours (120 hrs required) next Friday.  Since he's been driving our auto's instead of his manual (we lent his car to another family who needed a car) its time to get back using gears.

My Easter egg haul, just from work.  I shared the balls with the factory crew and took the home-made hot cross buns home for visitors the next day.  The big box was shared with family.   All chocked out till next year.  Happy Easter everyone.

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  1. Lynda, the pumpkin looks good. I wish we had grown some but hubby says they take up too much room :-( Not one chocolate passed my lips this Easter. LOL! I did have the odd hot cross bun though. Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday.

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family Lynda.

  3. I have never heard of waxing the stem ends of pumpkins like that to stop rot. Sounds like an excellent idea. Everything looks bountifully beautiful. An other blessing to count on Easter Sunday!

    1. Had I cut them i would have left more stem but it was an act of God so i do what i can. I Googled to find out how to best ripen them and this waxing was advised. We will see if it works.

  4. How plentiful your garden has been. Happy Easter.

  5. what a great haul, your photos are lovely too, Lynda


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