Monday, 6 April 2015

I wanna go back to work.....

I think i got these buttons mixed up. Truly, this long weekend malarkey just means that instead of two days a week to do home projects and gardening, we have 4 and i can tell you now that i can not wait to go back to work tomorrow and sit at my desk, all day.  I'm stuffed, not from eating all that gifted chocolate but from working all day.  My feet are throbbing under the desk as i write and the 11,094 registering on my FitBit today is in no way indicative of the physical effort undertaken.

We did this weekend all wrong.  We rested and bummed around on Friday with visitors and then worked the hardest today because we were running out of time.  Oh well, we will recover.  Glenda (sister) and I have been waiting to watch the show Vikings.  I bought Series I & II and so it was a marathon that lasted from breakfast to supper on Friday.  I love historical shows and this didn't disappoint.  A little gory (that saw me under a blanket some of the time) but in context and a great story.

I'm looking forward to the III series. Its screen on TV now but ill wait for the DVD and we'll watch it together. When a TV show has you on the end of your seat you don't want to interrupt with adverts.    

Saturday and Sunday saw the backyard veggie garden clean-up (here) and as you can see today I'm a frustrated hairdresser. No one will let me loose on their hair and so i make do with the trees and shrubs in the front yard.

The big pile of cuttings under the tree need to dry off so that the stems can go through the shredder for chips and the leaves into the blower vac for chopped up leaf mulch. You would think i would have washed down the concrete before taking a photo, wouldn't you?

You cant see it but there is new mulch in the beds.  Funny thing happened a few weeks ago.  I came home expecting to pick up the boys (i really should call them men, now that Tom is 18 and Rob 54) for a dinner reservation at 7pm. When i pulled into the drive at 6.30pm i found them across the road in front of the school shovelling mulch into the rear of Rob's work ute.  That would be the one with a canopy and so through the back window the mulch was flying all over the tools.  It was filled to the brim.  Doh! Did he think to remove the tools first? Nuh, just straight in on top of them.  Apparently there was a FREE sign left by the school landscapers who had a late delivery of several cubic meters of mulch close to finishing time.  Rob told me there was another person who was filling up his boot (his wife was not impressed either with the boot filled with dirty mulch straight onto the VW boot carpet).  They went hammer and tong at it for a while trying to get as much as possible when they both looked at each other and agreed to share.  They were buggered and slowed down.  You can just picture it can't you, two men going at it for free mulch. I was wavered across not having a clue what was going on and told to help.   Ummmm aren't we due at a restaurant with OUR guests in less than 10 minutes?  Rob was still in his grease covered work clothes with bark all over him.   Since the ute was full, i thought for a moment and remembered that the bins had been emptied just a few days before.  Easy Peasy, shovel it in and wheel it across the road.  When it came time to empty it i just tipped them over in the bed i wanted filled.  Up there for thinking 99.

At least it wasn't me who had to empty the back of his ute, clean out several tool boxes and then wash out the ute.  It had a lovely woody fragrance.  It still cracks me up but i do have a lovely pile of free mulch which got spread around today.  Lucky for us the dinner guests were all friends.  A quick call later they were shaking their heads and no doubt not surprised at all.

Now that I've humiliated Rob i can tell you I'm super impressed with his efforts this weekend.  He is working in Tom's room, preparing and plastering the opening between the two bedrooms which was complicated by having to put in a supporting beam.  Plastering  is a new skill for Rob and Friday saw him watching a few You Tube clips to see how it was done.

Its not finished but its well on the way.  It will take 3 coats of Gyprock which need 24 hrs dry time between coats.  My only contribution was to hand him the nails and to remove yet more nails from the skirting boards, so that they can be re-stained and put back on.  This two room combo is going to set the standard for the whole house and you can already see the bamboo boards leaving the back corridor and now making their way across the family/dining room.  It will look much nicer and fresher with white walls.  Rob is doing some boarding at night after his day job.  Its tough on him doing two major projects at the same time but he can see a light at the end of the tunnel and he hates the existing 20 year old stained cream carpet with a passion.

So to reward him, while i sit here with throbbing feet, I've made him a roast lamb dinner.

I think i got an A+ so we are all happy and there is plenty of leftovers.  We have all developed a preference for smashed garlic & rosemary potatoes rather than normal baked.

So what did you get up to?  Do you need a rest from your weekend?

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  1. wonderful! well done to the men for grabbing the mulch & to 99 for her fast thinking :)) that should last a while too. great story! your gardens are looking great & can't wait to see the finished room
    thanx for sharing

  2. Ha ha, Lynda that was funny. Sometimes men don't worry about timetables especially when there is free mulch to be had. LOL! Enjoy resting at work :-)

  3. Most of our weekend was spent in the garden, weeding before they get a hold and planting the main crop potatoes .Sunday we went to a plant swap so Monday was spent planting all the new plants we had acquired. We also had lamb this weekend a very rare occurrence, it was lovely. Wish we could acquire free mulch, we have to use our hedgerow trimmings and put them through the shredder when they are dry enough, like compost, you cant have enough mulch.

  4. Who could resist that free mulch! Glad they agreed to share. The plastering looks great. Huzzah for YouTube! We learn almost every new skill there nowadays. And your roast looks divine. What a dinner!


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