Sunday, 4 January 2015

Can i give them back now?

Only joking, but goodness I'm exhausted after having two children in the home for three days.  Literally "in the house" due to the extreme heat outside.  A 9 year old boy "technically" 10, I'm told, as his birthday is in Feb and a hypo 5 year old that has kept us on the move from the time they wake up (early) until they literally pass out after bath time. I promised Maison I wouldn't publish the photo of him and Chelsea in the bath, covered in lemon scented bubbles.  I guess we are not use to having kids in the house any more.  Tom is "technically" 18 as his birthday is in Feb (don't laugh, i get this all the time) so its more of an adult household. I love these children to bits and think of them as my pretend grandchildren. They belong to Bell (my niece) and my sister Glenda but they are in the first week of a new business venture and really needed the time to settle in without the kids in tow.  I'm back at work tomorrow and so i could really only give them this week.

A visit to the local park before the heat set in.
Chelsea very busy creating her masterpieces.  That empty bottle was from Christmas Day, honest.  I only bought it for the blue glass bottle anyway.  

Tom and Maison duelling PC's playing Minecraft.

While i was busy on the other side of the table making my Ollas, Maison was painting his pot with the title "Ultimate Wolf".  Today we bought a Venus Fly Trap for his pot  - a boy plant if ever there was one.  

Chelsea and Mirandah with her newly created pasta necklace.
I am thankful that my bestie's daughter, Mirandah came over several times to play with the kids.  She has known them since they were babes and now that they live on the other side of the city, visits are far and few between.

Chelsea's painted pot (sealed with clear varnish) with her plant and a chosen ladybug - a gift for Mummy.
 Maison is Type 1 diabetic, which is no problem as he monitors and injects himself and throughout his visit he was getting great readings.   I had to keep a few foods for highs and lows but generally they were not needed.  There was lots of reading books, dancing around to You Tube clips (I'm pretty good at Taylor Swift's Shake It Up now), the inevitable Frozen DVD and the boys running around with plastic guns.   Hide and Seek inside can get pretty wild as these kids are tiny and can hide in anything.  I was surprised that Chelsea has given up the giggling while hiding and was usually the last to be found.

Special mention must be made of Tilly.  Not only did she keep Chelsea giggling and oohing and arghing but she really demonstrated extreme patience with over exuberant hugs and kisses.  I think she gave as big a sigh as the rest of us when i finally took them home today.

Anyway, helping each other out is what families do, isn't it?

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  1. Wow next time your on holidays I think I might come down and do all these activities. Looks like you had some fun. lol Im back to work today too, Im not looking forward to it one little bit.

  2. Yep, kids are wonderful but it's definately a full on job even when they are relatively in dependant at those ages. Looks like you have them a great week and helping out their parents would mean a lot to them. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Single Mum situation so yes, any help is appreciated.

  3. I can vouch for the exhausted feeling, Lynda. I have been home a week and am still recovering.

  4. That's exactly it, families help one another out. I do know that when I have my granddaughters even for the afternoon I'm pooped by the time they go home! Sounds like you survived very well though.


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