Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Rural Experience

First of all it was a beautiful autumn day today.  At times a little warm in the direct sun  (hey - there's a big hole up there they tell me) but turn the corner and catch the breeze and you felt refreshed.  I love gathering with country folk.  There's something so comforting about being able to smile at someone and have it returned.  No one gives two hoots what you are wearing, its comfort all the way.  You can have a joke with a perfect stranger.  Share a bench without a being glared at for space invasion - heck, they'll even move over to make room or wrap up their meal to give you a seat.

Where is Ballarat?  Its about 1.5 hrs North West of Melbourne and about 1 hr from my place.  Its dual freeway all the way (110km/hr) so its a relatively smooth drive.  Perfect for a quick day trip.  Along the route you can jump off and go visit the Spa area of Daylesford & Hepburn Springs or you can go through a myriad of smaller towns doing a Gold Tour as this whole area was pretty famous world wide for its Gold discoveries and mining.

My Hubby was along for the journey today.  I'm slowing but surely getting him interested in my rural exploits all be it in the confines of our suburban back yard.  He's such a great travelling companion.  About 5 minutes after we have left the front door, this is what i get.

Simply scintillating conversationalist my husband.  Knowing that this will happen, we keep a comfortable neck pillow ready.   I could take this as a compliment that he is so confident of my driving, either that or he would rather not see it.

Hubby thought i was crazy taking this picture of a rusted old wall.  Cant he see the colours of Oz (Australia) in it.   I wish i had got a bit more sky in it because to me those are the two colours of the big big Oz sky and the red dust of the earth.  Beautiful!  This was the wall of a building just outside the showgrounds. 

I put this photo in only to prompt me to explain that nearly every town in Oz has a Showgrounds.  Its usually attached to the livestock sale yards and is where each year a annual "Show" is held.  Competitions are held in everything from baking, crafts, livestock, beauty pageants (less common these days), sheep dog trials etc..  I guess its the same pretty much world over and it also has the vomit inducing rides and amusements that make you need to take a loan out before entering.   Coming from a small country town, it was the ultimate to have a piece of craftwork or livestock win at the local, then regional and then go on to the state Show in the big smoke (usually the State capital).

There was much to see today.  Hubby was interested in Solar power being an electrician and also still suffering from shock over the last quarters power bill.   He has big plans (when we can afford it) and of course the skills necessary to put in place solar power storage on site meaning that our own power would be kept on site for our own use and not put into the grid.   When it was first introduced in Australia there were considerable financial benefits of having a roof full of solar panels and basically earning money off them from the power utilities but now down the track there is only a small rebate so although we too are aiming for a roof full of panels we intend to keep the power on site.   Lucky for me this is just a fancy cabinet with some batteries and some display screens and who has a sheetmetal factory at her disposal that spends all day building enclosures for switchboards? 
My Own Powerstation - no not mine - that's its name.

For those without a handy electrician living inhouse, you can investigate this technology by jumping on the following link.  I also know that Gavin from the blog Greening of Gavin has also made his own system and has information on his blog under the solar tab.

Me, I'm interested in all things garden related and livestock, especially chooks.  The following is just some random photos that took my fancy so bear with me. 

OK, now say this very slowly.  This groovy device is a Chicken Plucker.  Why does that make me laugh, even when I'm trying so hard not too.  Bad Girl.  What i do wish is that this contraption was invented when i was a little girl.  I still have nightmares about being very small with a wet hot chook between my legs having to pluck stinky feathers out.  They were usually old chooks ready for the broiler and the skin with the dimples and yellow fat use to make me squirm.  Imagine, all six of us lined up in a row outside the wash house with an old copper boiler.  

I wasn't the only one a bit excited by this one.  I met up with Jessie and her family from rabidlittlehippy for the first time.  Who says you cant make real friends from blogs, Huh!  We had a great day together and her children are lovely and well behaved.  The Earth Mother is well and truly alive and lives in Ballan.

What do you mean i am responsible for killing off the Star Wars Trilogy - Jar Jar Binks Impersonator

Mummmmmmm - tell her to put me down!  This little guy sure has a good set of lungs. 

Ive got my eye on you!

Check out my foils - i had them done this morning, especially for the show!

Don't you just love a new dress.  Very Paris!

Aren't i pretty - just ask me.  I just won a gold metal - so there!

What?  So you never had a bad hair day?  Now where is my mousse?

Hey Shelby (Fresh Eggs Farm) i didn't have to trip over to Amish country to find some rather large horses and carts, though yours might have been a little more authentic and not just for display.

This one is for Tom - how cool would this be on a bit of acreage. 
OK, I'm probably just amusing myself here and there were plenty of things way more serious to look at, listen to or participate in.  Lots of important speakers in the marquee, demonstrations and events all day.  Doesn't everyone want to learn how to castrate a pig or learn how to carve a chair with a chainsaw?

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  1. My childrens behaviour was just as astounding to us as it was to you! Believe me, things went downhill when we got home (read cousin has a black eye and clothes are covered in lasagne) Ok, did I just let the cat out of the bag? ;) As for Earth Mother, I'd love to be thus but I have a long way to be that. Thanks for the huge compliment though.
    It was such an awesome days wasn't it? Perfect weather and so much of interest to see. I didn't get to seeing nearly as much as I would have liked or planned but we saw animals, got hints for how to best get our own and I've joined a poultry club. :)
    And yes, you can most definitely make real friends via blogging. And it's well awesome to meet them in real life too. :)


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