Monday, 1 April 2013

The Best Kind of Holiday - Home

In the Land of Oz we have just had a four day weekend for Easter.  Normally I would have spent the previous month scouring Wotif or Stayz looking for a house, apartment, cabin or a farmstay where we could spend a few days doing a bit of site seeing, and chilling out. 

One of my favorite cabins - Pennyroyal Farms at Dean's Marsh, Victoria.  Lovely fireplace and a loft for Tom to sleep in.  They also are pet friendly, so Peppy had a wonderful stay also.
Did i say chilling out - for everyone else but me.
Don't laugh - you have no idea how close this list is to the real thing - and that is for camping.  I have two tech heads who cant be parted from their techonology for a moment. 
First there is the organising, the packing, the driving and then unpacking, becoming tour guide, and generally trying to keep everyone happy whilst still shopping, cooking, doing dishes, tidying up and then before leaving, a total top to bottom clean leaving the place cleaner than when i found it (cause that's what my momma taught me to do). I am the perfect house guest.  Then its repacking, driving, and loads of washing whilst scrambling to fill hungry tums with empty cupboards and back to work the next day exhausted. 

My Staycation House
This year (the year of my epiphany) we didn't.  Having only one job at the moment, meant not really planning anything and can i tell you, I've think I've just had the best Easter holiday break.

In my own home I've gotten up early (because that's what i do) but then oh my, I've crawled back into bed for a snuggle or a read and i think on two days was not dressed before lunchtime.   I've read my favorite blogs, learnt a great deal from my latest book (more on another post - it deserves it's own), watched a doc on food forests, cooked wonderful food for friends on Saturday night (slow cooked lamb shanks and garlic mash), shared a movie, planted seeds and pottered in my garden.  I knew where everything was, the Hubby and son had their own stuff and were not out of sorts being out of routine, and generally i enjoyed my own home and kept my money in the bank.

We go to so much effort to make our homes exactly as we like them, with everything just so and then spend a lot of money to go elsewhere for a break.  Perhaps its only that i feel this way because i am out of the house all week and when i get home it go go go with cleaning, shopping and cooking at night and on weekends.  I could certainly understand a stay-at-home Mum wanting a break away or a change of scenery but for me I rarely get to be a homemaker that can take time to cook and smell the basil (i don't have roses).

I don't want to go to work tomorrow (though i love my job) but at least I'm going to be relaxed with a few meals stocked up in the freezer and the washing is done and the rest of the week can just float by.

Did you go away or stay home?   Is it only me who feels like holidays are just alot of work?

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  1. A starvation is perfect! But this Easter we decided to visit some friends in Mount Beauty, and decided to do that on hubby's motor bike. It was exhastig, and I'm now glad that I have the school holidays to recover b

    1. That's a long way to go on a bike. Goodness, those days are long gone but i remember the constant wind and rattle on the helmet viser and the vibration of the bike and the hip displacement from sitting with legs so wide apart for hours. You walked like you had been on a horse for and hour after you got off. Dont even talk about the helmet hair and the cushion marks on your forehead and cheeks. Still, good memories.

  2. Oh yes this weekend we stayed home and I did lots of gardening. The weather was perfect too! :) so one happy and relaxed me wandered into work this morning. We did have the grand kids for two days (5 and 2) and that kept us hopping :)

  3. A holiday with kids is like going somewhere else and doing all the same things that you normally do without any of the things you usually have to make your job easier. ~Unknown

    We too had a holiday at home but that's because we had The Eco Mum come and stay in Ballan! Squee :D We had them over Friday night, a pajama day for me Saturday (fun!) and Sunday was a big cooked breakfast for The Eco Family and also Phoenix Park family to celebrate Easter together and it was also our 6th Wedding anniversary. :) Monday was a quieter day but spent researching. Martin went all hunter gatherer on me and made several trips to the forest to harvest wood for the fire. I think he's collected about 5 cubic metres this weekend alone! Very proud of his effort and dedication I tell you. :)
    It was a really great weekend all told and I don't feel like we missed a single thing by not going away. And even though I'm a stay at home mum I just enjoyed 4 days of shared parenting (that's a break when you have 3 under 5), good food and great company. :)


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