Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Overcoming Adversity

Hanging onto this statement at the moment.  Our family is going through hardship at the moment from external forces.  I know that falling into a pit of despair wont bring about change or make it go away nor will creating a black seed of despair and hate within me.  I choose to let God into this situation and trust that he will cause them to see the truth and bring them peace.

What i do know is that this struggle makes our family stronger.  The petty things that might come between us slip away and we stand united as a family.   

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  1. Amen! Be might be throwing you a curveball right now, but your strength will pull you through.

  2. Another one that we often cling to is "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"...sometimes it's important to realise that. Another thing that is really important to remember is that sometimes, things that seem unutterably difficult and that threated the very fabric of your existance are there to direct you to someplace wonderful. The older I get, the more I see that "all things work together" and that just because we can't see ANYTHING good in what we are going through, doesn't mean that someplace down the line this "valuable lesson" is going to pay you back in kind for you having to suffer through it. Always easier to say when you are on the other side of it and not going through it yourself. Hugs from Tassie and whatever it is that is trialing the heck out of you, we are here to at least emotionally support you :)

  3. Thanks for your support girls. Its so frustrating having a situation beyond your control. The only thing i can control is how i respond to it. So that's what i am doing. I know they are in pain and i hope they heal soon so they can stop hurting us. Your support is invaluable.

  4. Amen to Fresh Eggs and Narf7! We have no choice over what comes to us; we have total choice over how we meet it. And there lies our power . . . hang in there and see if you can find the lesson in this. You may be able to be thankful someday. A dear friend of mine had breast cancer back in '97; she chose to see it as a friend and teacher; re-organized her life, got even healthier and more active. She is stronger and more beautiful now than ever and really enjoying her new life!! I wish the same for you, Lynda. ~ Linne

    1. Thank you Linne. Your friend rocks her world. We will get there.


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