Saturday, 6 April 2013

Veggie Swap in Garden Paradise

Today i attended my first veggie swap at the Mambourin Sensory Garden in Werribee.  I didn't know where to look first, this place is beautiful.   The most perfect place for like minded home gardeners and cooks to meet once a month and swap goodies.  Who knew that the garden even existed let alone that it is free to enter.  It made me realise that there is plenty going on in my own community and that i just need to reach out and be open to new experiences and people.  If i didn't work full time i could imagine coming here (only open to public 10 - 2 on weekdays) with a book, a picnic and just chilling.  This garden is so special I'm going to hold off more pics for another post. 
The day started with breakfast in my fernery for my Bestie and I.  Love a cooked breakfast on a Sunday morning on a beautiful autumn day and an abundance of fresh asparagus with hollandaise sauce. 

Not having a glut of anything at the moment, I took heaps of coffee grounds i had collected over the last week from coffee outlets and some plant labels that i had made from traffolyte scraps i found on the engraving room floor at work.  Got to love taking things that cost me nothing but time to swap for edibles. 

As you can see below there was a large selection of quality veggies, preserves, seeds, herbs, on offer and the only thing exchanged was good conversation. 

Did i mention homemade biscuits and tea!   

I've already planted my lettuce seedlings and hung my herbs to dry.  I'm sitting here eating a sausage with beautiful zucchini pickle and I've already peeled ready for tonight some Jerusalem artichokes (which I've never had before). 

What a lovely morning. 

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  1. what a great idea! I need to find one on the other side of melbourne!

    1. Nat, not sure where you are but when i googled veggie swap melbourne it came up with innercity as well as croydon and bulleen. Go for it. It was very nice. Did you find the seeds you were looking for?

  2. When you talked about the veggie swap I thought you'd been to the one in Ballarat which was on from 9:30-11:30 in their community gardens which we opted not to attend as we wanted to make the expo (didn't get there in time anyway). Glad to hear there are others around too. I believe there is one in Bacchus Marsh too.

  3. Lynda - this is amazing! I love this!!!


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