Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Please Please Watch

If you love dance, if you love the human form, if you simply love, then please watch the following.

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  1. How amazingly clever and how clever to deliver a message like this through dance! Cheers for the amazing Share Lynda :)

    1. What i found amazing was my emotional response. Sometimes im so "Full" that it takes something like this to tip me over the edge and i just "feel it". Not so extraordinary for me though. Dont take me anywhere near an airport departure lounge. I can catch a moment where two people are saying goodbye and i "feel" their sadness and im off - bawling my eyes out. Music in particular reaches my core and again im off. Especially at church but also in movies. I "feel" others emotions. I have actually passed out in movie theatres when someone is hurt. I dont know what it is but i guess thats why animals and children gravitate towards me. Im like a pied piper. Not always a good thing. I was trying to concentrate at my last course and someone's child was talking to me to whole time drawing me pictures (like at least 50) and explaining what they were. It was a little irritating but she was so joyful.

  2. Wow Lynda, those dancers are amazing.

    I'm like that a bit too. I get into movies, and feel their emotions too, I don't watch horror or psycho thrillers where children are involved. It's like I take it to heart what I'm watching, I hate feeling warn out from watching a movie.


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