Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Day of Give and Take

Today has been one of give and take for our family. 
First my Bestie arrived at 10am to pick up my husband and off they went computer shopping.  Its handy to have a "Tech-Head" in the family but even more so when you can lend him out to friends.  That big brain of his has been turning to mush being off work and i think it did him wonders today to put it to good use.

Of course, in case you are wondering why i didn't go with them, i still cant walk.  You know, the knee, me being stupid and not wearing orthotics all summer and now in alot of pain with a torn cartilage.  Its feeling a bit better today but not enough for shopping expeditions in 35 degree heat.  I think when i was tossing and turning in bed last night i inadvertently put in back in position as it made a pop noise loud enough to wake me up. 

When they arrived home, both feeling quite chuffed with their excellent buy from Officeworks, my Bestie then grabbed my shopping list intended for Hubby and off she went to do it.  My own personal shopper - HOWZAT!   We normally shop together first in Aldi/Coles, the Fresh Fruit Market and then onto a wholesale butcher.   Who better to know which brands i like and do a quality inspection? 

Later in the afternoon we went to her place to install said computer and set up the software.  There were also some wifi problems that were causing her son grief (lag during games is so not on).  It was quite amusing to all of us to see my Hubby walking around first the house and then the local streets, using a phone AP to monitor broadband usage, channels etc so that he could best set up their service.  
Hubby giving my friend a lesson in Windows 8

But in thanks we were then cooked a BBQ with yummy salads.

So its been a good day of friendship.  There was never any mention of paybacks or trading favours,  it just happened naturally and with giving hearts.  Is this not the best kind of gift.  

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