Sunday, 3 March 2013

No More Coffees Please

Several posts ago, you'll have noted that Tom wanted a coffee machine for his 16th birthday.  Its a fairly unusual request for 16 year old boy but Tom loves entertaining and serving people.  This has always been his thing and to celebrate his birthday he bought, with his own money, everyone in his class a pkt of 3 Lindor Balls each.  So very generous and I only hope that they appreciate his special gifts.

It wasn't an expensive machine.  Just $100 from our local Woolworth's but with the everyday saver card it was reduced to $80.   It's one that uses pods much like the much more expensive Nespresso machines (you know the one George Clooney advertises). 

Its Caffitaly and has a separate milk frother.   You can see he has set it up on a little set of drawers in his bedroom. 

He emptied out the drawer and has filled it with all the pods he was given along with a container full of sachets of sugar and cans of hot chocolate powder - just like a real cafe. 
So far anyone that's come near the place has been offered and received not one but several cups and as you can imagine I'm pretty much up to my limit myself.   Its all a bit of fun and I'm sure it will lose it novelty in time but this is his thing for now.

Tom sitting on his bed making me yet another while i write this.  Lucky i found some very small cups hidden away - just like the restaurant ones. 

He wanted me to be sure to get a photo of the milk frothing. 
So its an open invitation if you are in the area, to pop buy and grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate from Tom (to save me from an ever increasing coffee addiction).

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  1. You can tell Tom that he can make me a cup of coffee any time :-) We have a Keurig coffee machine (it also uses the pod things) - we love it. We can make a pot if we need to or just a cup!!!

  2. My son (he has ASD) loves the coffee machine in our local shop and we now have a weekly ritual when we visit the shop so that he can make me a coffee. Reading your blog makes me think what a great idea it would be to have a machine like this at home though I'm sure I'd end up a coffee addict as well. Thanks for sharing. Deb (in the UK).

    1. Deb, thanks for commenting. They are strange kids, arent they but willing to serve and especially like the presentation side of entertaining. Tom has to get the milk just right. When we have guests he will set out all the cups, and arrange teas and coffee's on a tray (enough for 50 though we might only have 10) and take alot of care to fan them out to look pleasing. He could have a container of sugar in his room (where the coffee machine resides) but had to have sachets like the coffee shop. At the same time he is so so messy in the house. Go Figure.


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