Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Big Brother Google?

OK, i know I'm technologically behind everyone else but this is a little scary.  Both at home and at work today i turned on my explorer and Google gave me a personalised happy birthday greeting and spelt Google out in cakes!!!!   

It took me a while to work it out.  At first i stupidly thought it was an amazing co-incidence but then i saw my name and got the shivers.  I guess somehow it has taken information from facebook or the greater universe and translated that into a birthday greeting designed to reinforce my allegiance to Google as a search engine.  Sorry to tell you but it worked. I got a buzz every time i went online today.  Small things amuse small minds but should we be worried?

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  1. hope you had a fabulous day!! best wishes for a wonderful new year to grow and learn, explore and discover, and personalize this world to your goals and dreams... thanks for all you've done for me!


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