Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mum & Flowers - what more could a girl want?

Today was spend with Mum and my sister, Glenda, wandering (get back to that later) around the Melbourne Exhibition Building at the International Flower & Garden Show. 

First - The Building

Australia's only World Heritage listed building was completed in 1880 for Melbourne's first International Exhibition, it was the site of Australia's first Federal Parliament in 1901. It is famous for the mural paintings in the Great Hall. I personally love the fountain outside - its very ornate and huge. 

Secondly - The Flowers

Its hard not to be impressed by the range and detail in the formal arrangements but i think that each flower spooke for itself.  Simply beautiful.  The flower of the show seemed to be orchids, especially  the yellow tiny yellow Dancing Ladies, they were everywhere. 

Believe it or not, this is a steel tree made up of potted yellow orchids - thousands of them. 

I took literally hundreds of photos, these were some of my favourites.  I was actually a little disappointed in that there were no display gardens by landscapers outside.  I was sure that the winner of the Chelsea Garden show was going to reproduce his winning outdoor room but the only thing a saw were lots of vendors selling their wares in very average displays.  None of us were there to buy so in that respect only, it was not "up to scratch".

Lastly, it was a girl's day.  I get to see my Mum maybe once or twice a year for a weekend.  Glenda comes down to Melbourne from home in NSW to see her daughter so I see her maybe every few months, again for just a few days.   So this was a special day of just chatting and spending time together with no event that had to be organised (Wedding, 21st, Funeral etc).  Just girls being girls.   When i said above that we wandered around it was a joke because Mum rolled, I limped and Glenda pushed.   At 83 and in need of a hip replacement we forced mum to use a wheelchair. This freed up her walking stick which was passed to me and i have to admit that it did support my bad knee which was on a slow burn most of the day.  So this left poor Glenda, as usual, to be the carer.  She doesn't even like flowers so thanks a bunch Sis.

It was a lovely day. 

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