Monday, 18 March 2013

A Gift From My 16yr Old Son

Wow!  This is what i arrived home to after spending the last hour meeting Tom's teachers at parent/teacher interviews tonight.  Was he expecting the worse?  Was he softening me up?  No, its my birthday tomorrow and Tom wanted to surprise me.  He had spent the afternoon watching several seasons of River Cottage (instead of going to school) and felt inspired to run out to the veggie garden and harvest his mother's dinner.  It's very decorative, isn't it?  He did ask if carrot tops were edible earlier and so they became garnish.  Note that even the bread board is garnished - very fancy, my son is. 

He has taken an interest in my blog and so has provided me with step by step instructions and photos on how he made it so that i could share it with everyone.  Who's blog is this anyway?  LOL

First the ingredients:

Cherry Tomatoes

An embarrassing selection of carrots - this is the last time i try growing carrots from seedlings. 

The heart of a lettuce - just the heart, i found a perfect empty bowl of iceberg still in the garden with the heart missing.

There were additional celery stalks and sweet chillies that didn't get photos that were also in the salad.   At this point i must point out that the day before i had dusted everything with organic veggie dust and the instructions say not to eat within 24 hrs so if i am not here with you tomorrow, you'll know why.  Tom assures me that he washed everything, especially the lettuce. He demonstrated rather vigorously how he used the salad spinner.  BOYS! 

Next came crumbed chicken pieces.  He had defrosted 1kg pkt of chicken leg meat pieces and crumbed them.  He forgot the flour but used egg and stuffing mix for extra flavor.  He also added to the crumbs which had sage in them, additional Moroccan spices and All Spice.  An unusual combination that tasted great.  I think all this was fried but i was too scared to ask.  Oh well, special treat. 

   An the finished dish!

Note the flowers in the centre. 
It was a massive salad intended just for me so i convinced him that i could take half of it for lunch tomorrow (my actual birthday). Dad didn't get dinner, just mum.  It was yummy and very special.  Its funny to see some of the things i do when presenting food being mirrored.  Someone was watching. 

Aspie kids don't always show affection and its only recently that I've received a few cuddles and a little attention so for me this is a double special birthday gift.  I am blessed.

Right now he's in his bedroom with the door shut, singing at top volume to pumping music that can be heard half way down the house like every other teenager.  He may play the same song 20 times on repeat but hey, at least i get to know the lyrics to his music and that makes me a cool mum. 

Thanks Tom - Mum loved her gift.  XX


  1. Well happy birthday to you, dear friend. This sounds like a wonderful surprise. For your son to not only realize that it was your birthday, but to also, without prompting, have him prepare this wonderful salad all on his own and decorate it too. Beautiful. I'm so jealous!

    1. Thanks Bud, its a quiet day today because tomorrow my Mum and sister arrive from NSW and we are having a BBQ dinner and then the following day i am taking Mum to the International Flower and Garden Show here in Melbourne. Kind of like the Chelsea Flower Show - in fact the Aussie winner of Chelsea is redoing his winning landscape garden here. Cheers

  2. what a wonderful surprise! just when we figure we've got our aspies figured out, they flabbergast us with something like this! well done, tom!


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