Sunday, 10 March 2013

Win, Win, Win, Win

The first WIN was finding another supplier for coffee grounds.  Previously I've had a deal with the local Bunnings cafe (until they decided my tub took up too much room) and then Maccas but my most recent supplier has been my son Tom.  He gave me a stack of used pods tonight and i opened them up to find very dark rich grounds which i will sprinkle over my beds to discourage creepy crawlies like snails.  Eventually they end up in the soil and if the size of the worms are anything to go by its like giving them steroids.  Don't report me.

Obviously the second WIN is the additional benefit of getting cups of coffee from this supplier as well.  Two weeks later and the in-house cafe is going strong.   I'm beginning to think that he might make a good barista and when i mentioned this, my son said he thought so too.   As the Mum on an Aspie, having conversations like this is such a blessing.  For many years i doubted whether he would be able to find employment but he's proven me wrong and has worked part time for about 7 months now whilst attending a main stream school.  I cant say he is very good at managing his money but this is all part of growing up and there would be plenty of 15/16 year olds in the same boat. 

The third WIN tonight was actually sitting at the table and playing Monopoly with said coffee/ground supplier.   How many 16 year old would spend the night playing board games with their mum.   Its easy some times to fall into the trap of looking at all the negatives with having an autistic son.  Worrying about his lack of independence, the social difficulties, people taking advantage of their naivety, being able to maintain relationships, their future.  But every now and then i get a wake up call that in many ways I am blessed.

Tom concentrating hard on how to beat Mum.
The fourth WIN of course would be me winning the game but the ruling is still out on that one.   We never really finish a game as the attention span doesn't quite make it but  he ended up with hotels that were costing me $1K a pop every time i landed on them but had mortgaged property to do so.  I on the other hand was more of a housing mogul with piles of cash.  So lets just agree that we both won for having spent the night together and that he wasn't glued to a console game of TV screen.

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  1. How nice to spend some time playing games. We find that we have to put a time limit on Monopoly as it can go for a long time and get way too intense otherwise.

  2. We have had games that go for a week. Given that there is only three of us i can put it down one end of the dining table and we just spent a few hours each night. Hubby doesnt play - not his thing so Tom and I have become quite competitive over the years. Thanks for leaving comments. Some days i think i have blog BO.


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