Thursday, 7 March 2013

Am i am stupid, or what?

The definition of "stupid" is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Revelation - i have really bad feet that are twisted, bunioned, crooked, and painful and hence i have some serious orthotics in my runners - the only shoes that will fit them and that will accommodate my crazy feet. Its not a good look and i hate it. I'm lucky that i work in the office of a factory and that i can wear runners everyday as i don't know what i would do if i had to wear proper dress shoes. Weddings and going out is a nightmare.  I knew there was a reason that i took on SME's and didn't become a corporate highflying accountant - shoes.    I cant even wear the really nice flats as the rise on the sides of the orthotics go up higher than the side of the shoes and is visible - not a good look.

What i want to wear - (Sigh>>>>>)

What i am stuck with - every day. 
 The bunion i can track back to my Mum as she has one on each foot that has made her toes go sideways  and then cross over  too.  I cant, however be too hard on her as I've done the same thing and given one to my son.  There are some things that i really wish we could screen for and stop passing on.  Just a joke!

Don't worry, i am not going to burden you with pictures of my feet. 

So why am i an idiot?

Because its summer and I'm a country hick (even though i have lived in the big smoke now for 27 years) and id rather do anything than wear shoes, especially in summer. 

No shoes, means no orthotics, which means aching feet, sore ankles and unstable knees.   Its almost an annual event aroung the end of summer but tonight my right knee finally gave in an went sideway.   Like i said "Im stupid" and in pain again with a splint on one leg wondering how I'm going to get to work tomorrow. It would have to be my driving leg. 

Thanks to Hubby for the ice packs, making dinner and bringing me a cup of coffee.  I would injure myself more often, if it didn't hurt, just to get the attention.  LOL

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  1. No, definitely not stupid. I have a bunion too (are we bunion buddies then?) - this past summer I walked around without shoes or with crappy, thin flip flops and ended up getting two bones spurs and plantar fasciitis. JOY!
    I'm jealous of your hot weather - we just got pounded with several inches of snow. UGH.

  2. lol - i am so flat footed! no arch what so ever - always bare foot when possible - God invented flipflops so i could survive walking upon this earth!

  3. I have to wear orthodics too and have recently discovered there are companies out there that make shoes other than runners to take them. They have removable inserts leaving a deep well to take the orthodic. Mine are Ziera and there is a huge range.

    1. Yep, i have a pair of Ziera as well but very few styles had side high enough to cover the inside edge of orthotic. Certainly none of the summer range. One day im hoping to get a pair of their boots for winter. So until then i will just have to keep looking like im in training on a daily basis.


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