Sunday, 24 March 2013

Food Art - From My Garden

I never was good at art in school but I think I’ve found my niche.  I’m not asking for kudos just gob smacked that I actually grew this.   Isn’t it pretty?   I prepared it for a veggie swap meet but got the details wrong and there was no one there.  Oh well, it made a nice gift.  I was hoping for some worm pee/juice (or whatever you call it).  I saw a program on SBS called Gourmet Farmer and they showed a trial between a veggie bed with microorganisms added and one without.  The extra growth and improved flavour in the veggies grown in microbiotic soil certainly proved that soil needs to be "alive" to get the best out of it.  Hence my need for worm pee.  I'm looking forward to getting my own worm farm someday and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get one from Aldi a few weeks ago when they were only $49.  What a bargain.  Oh well, always learning.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love all the different colors and shades of green. I miss green. We're supposed to have a possibility of 5-10 inches of snow today. UGH!!! I'm SO sick of snow, I'm so sick of cold. Yesterday was SO beautiful and then it'll just be cold and nasty for the next couple of days. I'm jealous of all of your natures goodness.

  2. Not sure whether you're referring to your niche at arranging vegetables, taking a photo of said arrangement or growing it all in the first place but I'd say you've found all 3 niches. :)
    Worm wee is wonderful stuff. I wish I'd seen that Aldi deal too. You can however make them for the price of scoring your worms and some polystyrene containers. Just look on YouTube and you'll find instructions. :)


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