Monday, 11 March 2013

Name That Bug - Help me out, Quick!!!!

They are very friendly with each other and i'll probably come out tomorrow and find twice as many.
 So what is it that has hit my veggie garden in plague proportions in the last few days.  There are hundreds and im noting some damage so it cant be good. 

My Celery Crop
 If its a baddy, how do i get rid of it.  I have organic Eco Oil and also Success. 

I also found these.   They kinda look like ladybugs but are the wrong colour and have more weapons. 

Some little ladybug imposter that's attacking my carrots.
I know its probably the hot weather that has made everything multiply but i dont want to loose everything. 

Appreciate you advice.  


  1. I thought they were Harlequin bugs at first, are you a member of teh Down to Earth forums, you can ask there and some-one will know. Try a soapy spray or buckets of soapy water as First Aid until you know!
    this is my post on them

    1. OK, I have an answer - all i had to do was ask my Hubby and he showed me the paper. Apparently we are in the middle of a soldier beetle plague. They will not do harm and i just have to wait for them to stop bonking and move on. There is sex going on in orgy proportions in my back yard LOL. I dont know what is attacking the celery. Perhaps the forum or Gavin will know. Cheers.

  2. Thank you Sue - ill shoot over to the forum. Gosh, i have to work tomorrow and so will have to do something very early in the morning.

  3. In Florida, they are called "love bugs". When it is love bug season, all they do is think about sex. they don't care if they fly into you or your sex sex. lol.

  4. I know, i was trying to take a pic without them doing IT and couldnt. There's an orgy going on out there. Well at least someone is getting sex around here (gosh im in a naughty mood. My mum is coming next week so i had better get it all out of me or i will be in trouble.


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